Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness

            We are a year and a half past the opening of the new high school and middle school and seeing the video below, which was produced by the New York State School Boards Association, took me back to the time prior to the vote.  People in C-PP have been very lucky.  There is no doubt that there are many adults who felt a great loss with the combination of the high school and middle school.  But the buildings were built for another time and both high schools were seeing all-time lows in terms of enrollment.   To maintain and INCREASE program options and keep our best people, there was no choice but to consolidate.  See, the reality is that it is the people in the building who make the memories and to reach their full potential as teachers they need a facility which supports the education of today.  Take a look at the video below:   
            We went truly into the darkness prior to the opening of the new schools, but the brightest stars – our teachers who are on the front lines with kids - certainly are shining today.  As Superintendent, it has been an honor to just watch them create and meet the needs of kids in this ever changing world.
            NEXT STEP:  Provide a talented elementary staff facilities that support the student needs of today.

            I am an incredibly lucky Superintendent.  I have great teachers and I know it!


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