Wednesday, February 24, 2016

2014-2015 Annual Report

A link to C-PP District’s first Annual Report is included in this blog post. We are pleased to share the highlights of our 2014-2015 school year with everyone in our community!

One of the most significant events in 2014-2015 was the official opening of our consolidated middle and high schools. This long-awaited occurrence was the culmination of an extensive construction project on the campuses of the former East and West High Schools. While it represented a significant milestone in the District’s history as everyone transitioned from well-loved traditions at their former buildings to a new culture at C-PP Middle School and C-PP High School, our staff and students came together with an “All In” spirit that set the tone for the year. The facilities at both schools are beautiful and functional, and will serve the children of our community well for many years to come.
Today, we are charged with preparing students for success in a world that is vastly different than the one previous generations faced upon high school graduation. More than ever before, students need to leave our schools with a clear plan for their futures. The administrators, teachers and staff at C-PP are dedicated to helping every student achieve his or her potential and to ensuring that they are ready for college, career, the military or whatever goals they choose to pursue. Toward that end, we continuously seek to improve our curriculum and programs to ensure that all students at every level are engaged in learning and performing to the best of their abilities. We mean it when we say that “students are the center of all we do.” In 2014-2015 we developed a comprehensive Master Plan that will guide the District to 2020. Implemented in the current school year, this plan lays the foundation upon which we can continue to build and sustain an educational environment of which everyone can be proud.
With nearly 5,000 students to educate and an array of school facilities to maintain, we have an enormous responsibility to our kids, their families and our larger community. We know that school quality is essential to the health and prosperity of our region. All of us who work in the C-PP District are committed to delivering our best for our students every day. We greatly appreciate the efforts of those who partner with us to make that happen. C-PP is a fantastic place to be, where students, parents, teachers, staff and community partners work together on behalf of our kids. Thank you for your ongoing interest and support. I invite you to read the full Annual Report to see what we accomplished together last year.

View the Annual Report in Booklet form or in the format of the PowerPoint presentation to the Board of Education.